Prep work for chassis construction

Posted by cmerrild on Friday Apr 12, 2013 Under Building Process

As the chassis has been designed, we have now started the production. To ensure maximum accuracy and alignment of the final chassis, we have developed a weldingfixture, that can hold the different members of the spaceframe in the right place. When the fixture is ready, we will start the assembly of the chassis on the fixture.


Welding fixture for the all new G6 chassis.

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Back in black

Posted by cmerrild on Thursday Oct 4, 2012 Under Building Process

The chassis of our G5, has just returned from the paintshop. It’s looking good in black.
With the car all striped down to the bare spaceframe, it was possible to weigh it. With paint, the spaceframe weighs 31.0 kg. The next one will be lighter.

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All engine support systems GO!

Posted by cmerrild on Friday Mar 2, 2012 Under Building Process, Events, News

On March 1st we got the engine running. This was a major milestone on our road towards this year completion at Silverstone. After a period with vast activity on the project it is rewarding for all involved, to see results. And we got good results – the engine started well! We predict it will output more power than it did in the old car, mainly due to our new exhaust, supercharging systems and new drivetrain.

Having a functional engine means that many subsystems, mechanical and electric has to work together, which they do now. This brings us a lot closer to the test track. Next big step is to prepare for a test on a “rolling road”. This will allow us to test the engine, supercharger, fuel-system and drivetrain at successive higher loads, until we are certain it is ready for track testing. Preparing for this test means a completion of several systems. Among those who still need work done are, the antirollbar setup, flooring in front of the driver and finishing the fuel tank.

We can’t wait to take it for a spin!

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The birth of a chassis

Posted by cmerrild on Tuesday Aug 2, 2011 Under Building Process, News
Chassis with engine.

Spaceframe chassis, all weldments completed.

All the lasercut pieces has been welded in place, and a complete spaceframe chassis is the result. Through a long process of measuring and constructing weldments jigs – we have accomplished  building a fairly accurate construction, with the right mounting points for the engine and suspension joints. Today we finally disconnected the chassis from the weldments jigs, a great milestone.

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Production well under way

Posted by cmerrild on Monday May 2, 2011 Under Building Process, News
IMG_0390.JPGThe team has maneged to complete the designphase of the 5th Unicorn racer. The result is based on experience from both 3rd and 4th generation Unicorn racers. The improvement of the design has mainly been focused on better durability and weight reduction. Among many changes I can revile that we have cut substantial weight, by redesigning drive-train and a different shock-absorber type. Further changes of the chassis design has been necessary to comply with the 2011 rule set, the complete chassis weighs in at 28 kg (estimated).
We have started the fabrication of the new car, and the chassis should soon be assembled. The lasercutting of all the  tubes for the space-frame has been done by our sponsor Hosta Industries A/S, which has been a great help. The work continues at a steady pace, and w
e are making good progress.
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